Welcome to my blog. My name is Mary Isokariari and I am a London-based journalist with more than nine years’ experience across print, web, broadcast and social media. Since entering the world of journalism, I have worked for some of UK’s biggest publications and broadcasters, such as ITV, BBC, the Evening Standard, MailOnline and The Voice Newspaper. I currently work as a Social Media Editor across the Daily Mirror, Daily Star and the Daily Express and I solely manage the Daily Express Lifestyle Instagram page.

I LOVE finding a good story and sharing it with the world. I always strive to inform, educate and inspire readers through my words, which my online portfolio demonstrates.

People often quiz me about the media. Why are certain subjects considered newsworthy over others? What happened next? Why do newspapers feature the same stories?

My aim with Something About Mary is to bring you original, insightful and compelling content on subjects that I am passionate about from health and social affairs, to politics, humanitarian crisis and international news.

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising, reading and trying to feed my insatiable appetite for food and travelling and Latin America.

You can contact me via maryjourno@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Mary Isokariari


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